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1956 – 2018

Glinkowski  the largest producer
of horse-drawn carriages in the world

Today, the “GLINKOWSKI” brand is the largest producer of horse-drawn carriages in the world and also one of the most elite.The values behind the brand are perfectly illustrated by the slogan “Uncompromised devotion to perfection”. No compromise in terms of quality and innovation of the technologies and solutions used constitute the brand's real DNA expressed in its mission

The first original carriage designed from scratch for a highly competitive purpose was the Double Sport marathon carriage, launched on the market in 2004. The carriage started the period of manufacturing carriages with original design and driving solutions designed and produced entirely in the GLINKOWSKI plant. On this carriage Bartłomiej Kwiatek in 2018 he won the title of the World Champion in one horse carriage driving. The latest carriage in the brand's offer is the FALCON sports carriage. Its innovation is demonstrated by its excellent driving characteristics as well as its unique design.

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Sport carriages

for marathon and dressage competitions

W ramach linii bryczek sportowych, produkowane są bryczki maratonowe, do ujeżdżania i prób zręcznościowych. Oferta obejmuje powozy do zaprzęgów na jednego, parę i cztery konie. Najpopularniejszymi modelami są Double Sport i FALCON [maraton] oraz Speider Light i Ultra Light [ujeżdżanie]. Profesjonalni powożący znajdą w ofercie szeroką propozycję bryczek treningowych.
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b zawody

Carriage lines

X-Line, Professional Line, NS-Line, OtiumLine

In the GLINKOWSKI manufacture, fans of horse-drawn carriage driving will find carriages produced under four production lines, defining the current business strategy.
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Carriage renovation

These are special orders from collectors and reputable museums from around the world who often want to remain anonymous. On the one hand, they require the use of modern state-of-the-art technology for the reconstruction of structural elements, and on the other hand, they expect preservation of the character and stylisation of the era from which the given carriage originates, often with limited availability of source materials.
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