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is an economical line. Carriages from this line are characterised by a favourable purchase price with quality guaranteeing long-term durability.

Line description:

  • Low price
  • Serial production
  • No possibility of individualisation
  • Carriages signed only with the OtiumLine logo
  • Economical finish of all components [e.g. powder coating, artificial leather]
  • Purpose: for beginner riders, hobbyists, recreational riding, horse training

The line is intended for drivers who start their adventure with equestrianism, for whom the simplicity of construction and low price are important, as well as for hobbyists in driving, for recreational riding and training of horses. The OtiumLine does not include the possibility of individualising carriages. The production of carriages of this series is entirely industrial, based on ready yet proven solutions and structures. As a private brand, the carriages from this series are not signed with the GLINKOWSKI brand.

Glinkowski Sp. z o.o.

Sikorzyn 21, 63-800 Gostyń, Polska

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