Today, the “GLINKOWSKI” brand is the largest producer of horse-drawn carriages in the world. However, the legend of the brand has been built and continues to be creates with sports carriages designed for professional equestrian competitions, both for marathon and dressage competitions as well as for cone driving.

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A classic saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”. The mastery of horse team driving requires sweat and effort of both the driver and horses. Precision is achieved over many years. Training is also the period of the most intensive use of carriages, when they pass a real test of quality and durability.

For current and future world champions, GLINKOWSKI has prepared a dedicated offer of training carriages with excellent driving characteristics, high strength construction and the necessary finish, including the training purpose of the carriages. They satisfy the expectations of the most demanding drivers. As the largest manufacturer of sports carriages in the world, we know what we are talking about!


The GLINKOWSKI brand also produces professional sports carriages for pony horses. Carriages from this offer are dedicated to both marathon competitions of every rank and training rides. A pony horse-drawn carriage line consists of high-performance Joanna and Hartland III models as well as the Pony Sport model designed for lower rank competitions.


In a busy modern world, it is priceless to find a moment when you can enjoy the beauty of nature. The offer of recreational carriages by the GLINKOWSKI brand not only satisfies the needs of mobility comfort, but also elitism and love for beauty.

Produced on the basis of experience in the production of horse-drawn carriages for professional sports competitions, they are characterised by ease of drive and manoeuvrability, appreciated by fans of horse team driving. In addition to purely functional values, they are characterised by high quality of workmanship, thanks to which they serve as a real ornament of many studs from around the world.

Carriages from this line can be used for commercial tourist transport. You can see them in the most important cultural places in the world. Our carriages transport tourists to Rome, Prague, Vienna and Krakow. It is important for customers from Germany to know that the carriages meet the quality requirements of the German TUV standard.


We are always passionate about classic carriage production. These are objects with a soul, pure beauty enchanted in leather, metal and wood. The production of classic horse-drawn carriages is a unique meeting of the latest technology, skilled craftsmanship and horse-riding history as well as a great challenge above all.

Over the last few years, we have produced several hundred carriages with a design characteristic of past eras. In addition to experience in steel processing, a well-equipped woodworking shop and specialists who have been working with wood for many years also come in handy. Although innovation constitutes the DNA of the GLINKOWSKI brand, in the production of wooden classic carriages we are pleased to... stop the time. Cooperation with real horse riding enthusiasts is pure pleasure! We invite fans and collectors to cooperate.


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