Live Oak International is the largest and most prestigious international equestrian competition in the United States, and, at the same time, the official US championship. Four gold medals in the horse-drawn carriage driving competition were won by competitors driving the GLINKOWSKI carriages.

 Jennifer Keeler on a Falcon marathon carriage, manufactured by the Polish company Glinkowski, wins the competition at Live Oak International USA

There are few areas of economic and social life where the "Made in Poland" sign means as much outside Poland as in the case of the production of horse-drawn carriages. Today we present the GLINKOWSKI brand, the largest and most renowned manufacturer of carriages in the world. To a large extent, the company is responsible for the fact that the term "Polish carriage" has become synonymous with quality and genuine craftsmanship in the world.

Polish horse drawn carriage as synonym for quality and the highest craftsmanship. - Glinkowski - Horse carriage manufacturer since 1956

The production of horse-drawn carriages in the Gostyń poviat is the pride of the region, but not only. Few people know that Poland is a world-renowned producer of horse-drawn carriages, both classic and sports. This is where the GLINKOWSKI production plant is located, the largest manufacturer of carriages in the world. We talk with Hubert Glinkowski, Sales Director, about the market, plans for the future and threats posed to the industry... 

Working with horse-drawn carriages gives a feeling of fulfillment

The increase in orders for new horse drawn carriages accelerated investments in modern welding robots.

Glinkowski horse drawn carriage manufcturer investments - numerical turning center of the HAAS ST35Y series

Last weekend in the equestrian center - "Stado Ogierów" - in Bogusławice, the Polish Championships in single carriage driving took place. The competition was won by Bartłomiej Kwiatek, a competitor of the GLINKOWSKI Driving Team, thus winning the 15th title of the Individual Polish Champion.

Bartłomiej Kwiatek Glinkowski Driving Team rider won 15 title of the Individual Polish Champion in the one-horse carriage driving category

We often produce the State Coach / Berlina horse carriage model, but this one was different. Why? See for yourself!

State Coach - Berlina horse drawn carriage manufactured by Glinkowski 1956 company

We have produced an eco-carriage equipped with a modern photovoltaic installation, providing a natural source of propulsion.

Horse drawn carriage powered photovoltaic panels manufactured by Glinkowski Poland

On August 5-8, in the beautiful LANDO equestrian center in Ptakowice, the XXXVII Polish Championships in two-horse carriage driving took place. Bartłomiej Kwiatek, a competitor of the GLINKOWSKI Driving Team, defended the title of the Polish Champion.

Glinkowski Driving Team defended the title of the Polish Champion two-horse carriage driving

On our blog some time ago we argued about "why it is worth to be guided by the brand of a horse drawn carriages manufacturer when choosing a new horse carriage". After its publication, we received many valuable comments from enthusiasts of carriage driving from all over the world, especially those who are just learning the secrets of horse riding. It is thanks to you that we are now discussing another topic, important from the point of view of all horse carriage users, namely: "why you should buy carriages from authorized dealers".  

In The Carriage Journal, they wrote about the project to reproduce the horse-drawn carriage of the 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson.

We are very proud to announce the completion of the project to reproduce the horse-drawn carriage of the 3rd US President, Thomas Jefferson.  The carriage, called Poplar Forest Phaeton, was reconstructed at the request of The Corporation For Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, a foundation established in 1983 to protect the president's memory and rebuild the Poplar Forest private residence.

  Poplar Forest Phaeton bryczka Thomas Jefferson 3rd President f the USA Powozy Konne Glinkowski

Polish manufacturer OtiumFarm is a brand from the Glinkowski Group, representing the production of agricultural trailers in the Group. The agricultural trailers production sector is the third area, apart from the production of excavator buckets, as well as sports and classic horse-drawn carriages, operating on the steel processing and treatment market since 1956.

Single-axle agricultural trailers

Hardox® Wearparts center is a brand of a partner sales network of high-quality, abrasion-resistant steel, produced by SSAB - the Scandinavian metallurgical company. The invitation for the Glinkowski Group is the result of appreciating the competence and experience in processing sheets from the Hardox® line, used in the production of buckets for construction excavators.

Glinkowski Centrum obróbki blach Hardox Weaparts Center

The equestrian season 2022 is approaching. This is the last opportunity to evaluate the state of preparation. While it is impossible to improve much in the area of driver and horse skills, in terms of technical preparation of the carriage there is still time to catch up. This is all the more important because failure to observe technical aspects cannot only make it difficult for competitors to win, but it can even threaten their physical safety. 

A few weeks ago, the FEI World Driving Championship of Pairs took place in Drebkau, Germany. The title of Team Vice-World Champion went to the Dutch national team, composed of: Geert Dijkhof, Antonie Harmsel and Stan van Eijk, who competed on the new "Marathon Maestro 2" carriage made by GLINKOWSKI. In the individual classification Stan van Eijk came in third. Five teams from Poland took part in the competition. In the team competition the Polish national team took 9th place.

Sports horse carriages signed with the "GLINKOWSKI" brand are known to competitors around the world. There is no other producer whose horse-drawn carriages would be represented in such large numbers during almost every equestrian competition. "GLINKOWSKI" is not only sports carriages. It is a recognized producer of classic and recreational horse-drawn carriages, as well as a unique specialist in the field of renovation of antique vehicles. A good example is construction, based only on photos, of the third US President Thomas Jefferson’s horse-drawn carriage. As part of the Glinkowski Group also manufactures specialized equipment for construction and agricultural machinery, as well as agricultural trailers. We are pleased to introduce readers to the history of this amazing brand.

horse drawn carriages tradition brand since 1956 Glinkowski

Horse-drawn carriages tourist transport is an additional attraction found in almost every place, referred to as “tourist mecca”. Vienna, Rome, Copenhagen, Paris, Krakow or New York and New Orleans. The most commonly used carriages for commercial transport are: Landauer, Vis a Vis, Victoria, Wagonette, Touristwagen and the most popular of them, the Planwagen model. All carriages can be ordered at the production plants of the Polish brand GLINKOWSKI.

Probably everyone knows Tiffany & Co. company founded in 1837. Luxury jewelry signed by the Tiffany brand are the object of desire all over the world, an icon of style and social position. We are all the more proud when they are delivered by... our carriage.


Great experience in the field of comprehensive renovations of horse-drawn carriages resulted in an unexpected order for the renovation of a legendary Rolls-Royce car. The project included the realization of upholstery and vehicle carpeting.

We are pleased to announce the start of the project to restore the horse-drawn carriage of the third US President - Thomas Jefferson.

Christmas is just around the corner. For those who are still thinking about buying a gift, Glinkowski has prepared a unique proposition! A possibility to order sport carriages, the same ones on which Bartłomiej Kwiatek, a GLINKOWSKI DRIVING TEAM driver, won the World Champion title!

A few years after the implementation of the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), we decided to entrust 7Technology with the migration of all operations to the CLOUD.

On 19-22.09.2019 the next edition of the AGRO-SHOW agricultural fair will take place in Bednary.

This question is raised by everyone who is to purchase a horse-drawn carriage. It is worth taking a deeper look at the benefits offered by renowned horse-drawn carriages, in relation to those from the lowest price segment. Especially that, according to Philip Kotler, a brand is something more than a trademark.  According to the guru of modern marketing, a brand is a kind of promise that determines and shapes the functioning of the whole company, finding its expression in the quality of finished products or services..

Live Oak International is the largest and most prestigious driving and show jumping tournament in the USA, being at the same time qualifications to the USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation) and the international equestrian federation FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale). The gold and bronze medal in the category of Pony carriage Singles were won by riders driving GLINKOWSKI carriages.

When I became World Champion on carriages… 

How to become a world champion? Bartłomiej Kwiatek talks about the sources of his greatest success. 

2018 was a great year for our brand! The representative of the "GLINKOWSKI Team" - Bartłomiej Kwiatek - became the world champion in one-horse carriage driving! Check out the first trailer from Kronenberg!

From August 28th until September 2nd, in the village of Kronenberg in the Netherlands, world championships in horse carriage driving took place. Bartłomiej Kwiatek, representing the GLINKOWSKI team, won the title of The World Champion. It is the greatest success of Polish carriage driving in the “single” category. In total four teams from Poland took part in the competition. Poland won Bronze Medal in World Team Championships.

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