Is the most important and most popular series of the “Premium” category carriages by the GLINKOWSKI brand, including sports, recreation and training as well as classic carriages, which constitute the essence of the brand's value. Quality and innovation define each model of this series, produced by hand for the most part, thanks to which the space for individualising vehicles according to the Customer's expectations is almost unlimited.


Performance Line carriages description

  • Dedicated for high-performance drivers
  • The reputation of professional marathon carriages
  • A rich history and collection of sport achievements
  • High quality raw materials and finishing materials
  • Exclusiveness of the highest quality manual finish
  • Original design
  • Unlimited possibilities of individualisation
  • Experience in the production of classic carriages
  • Carriages signed with GLINKOWSKI logo
  • Purpose: professional sports and recreational riding, commercial tourist transport, museum objects

High-performance Double Sport (the carriage of world champion in one horse driving) and FALCON carriages, dedicated to professional marathon competitions, stand out among sports carriages. At present, they set quality standards in the category of one-horse and two-horse team carriages. The market of professional drivers is also effectively conquered by the last four-horse carriage model, which strengthens the image of the GLINKOWSKI brand as a versatile producer of sports horse-drawn carriages.

The original design of carriages, non-standard construction solutions and the highest durability predestine them as carriages for high-performance drivers who do not accept quality compromises, and for whom only one goal counts: victory in equestrian events.



The most popular sport carriages models


Recreational carriages

although based on design solutions used in sports carriages, are intended for professional training of horses as well as for lovers of recreational horse-drawn carriage driving. Carriages from this line can be used for commercial tourist transport. You can see them in the most important cultural places in the world, such as Rome, Prague or Vienna. It is important for customers from Germany to know that the carriages meet the quality requirements of the German TUV standard.

Classic carriages

in turn, are the brand’s homage paid to historical carriages. They are distinguished by extraordinary care for compliance with the prototypes. The production of carriages from this line requires the use of versatile craftsmanship in the field of steel processing and, above all, wood processing. Intended for collectors and hobbyists, mainly for recreational rides, they arouse admiration that goes far beyond the group of horse riding enthusiasts.


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