Today, the “GLINKOWSKI” brand is the largest producer of horse-drawn carriages in the world and also one of the most elite.The values behind the brand are perfectly illustrated by the slogan “Uncompromised devotion to perfection”.No compromise in terms of quality and innovation of the technologies and solutions used constitute the brand's real DNA expressed in its mission

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Double Sport carriage

These values have characterise the brand since the first clash of steel on the anvil of Walenty Kołak, who opened the forge, initiating its history in 1956. The brand has come a long way from the hearth and anvil to digital 3D-carriage designs (CAD programme), developed by an experienced team of engineers from the construction office in cooperation with the best drivers in the world and produced on numerically controlled machines. Thanks to investments and constant striving for perfection, the GLINKOWSKI plant is one of the most modern horse carriage manufacturers in the world.

The brand is famous primarily for the production of sports carriages. The first original carriage designed from scratch for a highly competitive purpose was the Double Sport marathon carriage, launched on the market in 2004. The carriage started the period of manufacturing carriages with original design and driving solutions designed and produced entirely in the GLINKOWSKI plant. On this carriage Bartłomiej Kwiatek in 2018 he won the title of the World Champion in one horse carriage driving. The latest carriage in the brand's offer is the FALCON sports carriage. Its innovation is demonstrated by its excellent driving characteristics as well as its unique design. As part of the sports line of the horse-drawn carriages, marathon carriages are produced for dressage and cone driving competition, for one-horse, two-horse or four-horse teams.

Production lines

Today in the GLINKOWSKI plant, fans of horse-drawn carriage driving will find carriages produced under four production lines, defining the current business strategy. The X-LINE series is a new series of exclusive carriages, which was first released in 2016, and which is represented by the X-TREME vehicle. The line is characterised by the best quality finishing materials and a luxury finish of all details in carriages. The carriages from this line are dedicated to the drivers who attribute more importance to the unique style than the “race” values.

The Performance line series is the main series of carriages from the Premium category, constituting the essence of the GLINKOWSKI brand’s values. Quality and innovation define each model of this series, produced by hand for the most part, thanks to which the space for individualising vehicles according to the Customer's expectations is almost unlimited. As part of the line, we distinguish sports carriages characterised by outstanding performance properties as well as recreational and classic carriages.

The NS Line is a limited series of sports, training and recreational carriages, which is characterised by the departure from the manual carriage production, standardisation of the production of key construction elements and the limitation of individualisation of carriages. The idea behind the creation of the NS Line was the desire to increase the availability of horse-drawn carriages for a larger group of recipients. The carriages are designed for riders and horse riding enthusiasts who do not need individual solutions, and who look for good quality carriages at a good price. They are also an excellent alternative for those who are starting their adventure with competitive sporting horse riding

OtiumLine is an economical line. Carriages from this line have a favourable purchase price. The line uses the sports experience of the brand, yet it is primarily intended for training and recreational driving.

The offer of the brand is supplemented by services in the renovation of old horse-drawn carriages [see: Carriage Renovations] and the production of horse-drawn carriages according to the individual expectations of the Customer

All carriages fulfil the requirements of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI - Fédération Equestre Internationale).

Horse-drawn carriages under the GLINKOWSKI brand are now increasingly sold outside Europe through an extensive dealer network.The brand has gained fans in the United States, Russia, Asia, South America, Australia and even the Near and Far East. Modern marketing and skilful building of the brand's value caused that the dealers gave up selling carriages under their own brands, valuing the GLINKOWSKI logo on their carriages.

GLINKOWSKI is a family company. Operationally, the plant is managed by Henryk Glinkowski, the son-in-law of the founder, and his sons Hubert, Damian and Krzysztof, sit on the board of the company, dividing the roles in the field of marketing, development of sales markets, technology and finance, and thus initiating a new period in the development of the brand.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer of carriages and to enter the world of the GLINKOWSKI brand, the world of artful vehicles, beautiful craft and authentic passion!

Henryk, Hubert, Damian, Krzysztof Glinkowscy
January 2018r.

Glinkowski Sp. z o.o.

Sikorzyn 21, 63-800 Gostyń, Polska

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