Exceptional technology and design

FALCON is a carriage dedicated to professional marathon competitions, a successor to the legendary Double Sport model. FALCON has taken over the years of sports driving characteristics, enriched with the latest technology used in the suspension system.

From the FALCON 190 model, as a standard, in the rear system of the carriage there is a double-bearing modern pneumatic suspension, made of high-strength steel. The suspension at the front of the carriage is made to order. The modern frame construction based on the truss elements provides very high rigidity and durability while maintaining the low weight of the carriage, which is one of the key parameters in single carriages and Pony horse carriages (FALCON 120, 160, 190, 220).

The FALCON horse carriage also differs from the Double Sport model in terms of modern design. After 10 years of production of Double Sport carriages, it was decided to design a carriage that would correspond to contemporary industrial design. The distinctive curved frame giving the carriage a sporty elegance as well as wheels with spokes bent inwards, produced exclusively for this carriage model, make it easy to distinguish FALCON among other horse-drawn carriages. This is a unique vehicle in every dimension.

The FALCON carriage fulfils the requirements of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports [FEI - FÉDÉRATION EQUESTRE INTERNATIONALE].


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