Training carriage Treningswagen V TR-5-126 - Training
  • Suitable for: Training
  • Horse no.: 1 lub 2 horses
  • Carriage line: Performance Line



  • Track of wheels (Spur) 126cm
  • Wheels 23",25",27" - 12 spokes made from pipe 25x1,5
  • Spring suspension (front threepoint springs, rear half elliptical)
  • Front and rear Bosch brakes
  • Back seat 70cm
  • Front floor 370mm or 420mm
  • Front seat: cushion + wedge moved front and back on rails
  • Equipment for 1 and 2 horses
  • Acrilic or metalic paint from RAL pallete

Additional equipment

  • A - pneumatic suspension (old type)
  • B - pneumatic suspension (new type)
  • C - independent wheels suspension
  • 2x stabilizer
  • 3x stabilizer
  • 4x stabilizer
  • A - Stainless steel pipe around + front dash upper pipe
  • B - Stainless steel pipe around + complete front dash + rear backrests
  • Stainless steel swingletrees
  • Stainless steel end of pole
  • Complete stainless steel pole
  • Stainless steel front evener
  • Interchangeable hub system
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Wheels made completely from stainless steel
  • Linear profile tyres
  • Additional set of metal wheels up to 90cm
  • Additional set of wheels up to 90cm with stainless steel spokes
  • Additional set of wheels up to 90cm whole from stainless steel
  • Western style roof
  • Basic lighting (lamps + blinkers + pole lighting)
  • Seat shock absorber
  • Delayed steering
  • Turntable brake regulated on footpedal
  • Turntable brake regulated on both footpedal and wheel
  • Tacho (Odometer)
  • Boxes under the back seats
  • Wooden side panels and front dash Nature stain painted
  • Full metal plates on sides of front floor
  • Rubber mats
  • Stick-out hub cap
  • Additional step at the front carriage
  • Additional steps at the front carriage
  • Cover for wedge
  • Suede seat surface on wedge
  • Double backrests
  • Front wheel fenders
  • Rear wheel fenders
  • Cover for cellphone
  • Pearl paint

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